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Senior Living Patio Construction Update

Posted on January 24th, 2018 in senior living

What is an interior design firm doing working on an exterior project? Great question!

In 2016, Juniper Village at Bucks County in Bensalem, PA was purchased by Juniper Communities, a senior living owner operator of numerous communities on the East Coast. After the purchase, management decided to spruce up the buildings with multiple renovations. The phase I list included remodeling the lobby and common area on the first and second floors as well as the vast 5,000 SF patio. Prior to Juniper, the patio was an uninviting and underused gem. Management had the vision to renovate the patio to create a beautiful outdoor space for residents’ leisure including outdoor gardens, sofas, seating, and tables for relaxing, dining and events.  The patio will be a feature and prime location for the community and it is management’s vision to bring the indoor amenities outside. Read our first article announcing the here by clicking here.

See our video highlighting construction progress in late December 2017. Check back with us to see additional progress as well as final photography later in 2018.

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DesignPoint Project Featured Regional Magazine

Posted on November 10th, 2017 in Commercial design

In October 2017, DesignPoint’s project for Piramal Critical Care was featured in the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal, a regional magazine with a commercial real estate focus. Piramal Critical Care is a manufacturer of anesthesia, and they have outgrown their space. They contracted DesignPoint to manage their expansion and assist with interior design needs to enhance their workplace culture.

Piramal will have a new reception area, executive boardroom, and ancillary meeting rooms. The renovated space will be state-of-the-art and offer modern amenities that appeal to younger workers including a new café, exercise room with lockers, lounge space with ping pong tables, fireplace and casual areas for collaboration. DesignPoint is managing the interior design and space planning that will incorporate a complete new LED lighting system and acoustic management for the open floor plan.

Read about the project here.

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Transform Your Workplace with Great Design

Posted on November 7th, 2017 in Commercial design

Impress clients, inspire employees and create all-around functionality

Everyone prefers to arrive at work with energy and motivation, but sometimes the thought of spending the entire day trapped in an un-inspiring building or cramped cubicle injects dread into the daily commute and poison into the corporate culture.

In an age when attracting and retaining top talent is at an all-time premium, excellence in office design should also be held in high priority. A recent Forbes survey found that 73% of respondents said that their work area and office facilities directly influenced their job satisfaction. While hiring experienced employees with great attitudes remains fundamental for building a successful company, many managers cite the need to facilitate and motivate the workforce by having systems in place to enable the employees’ success. This includes intentionally designing offices to facilitate workflow, collaboration, productivity, and ultimately employee happiness. Despite the acknowledged value for office design, many companies fail to adequately evaluate, and periodically re-evaluate, their companies changing product mix, workflow, and workforce preferences. Below is a list of considerations to maximize your workplace to achieve the three goals of a great office: impress clients, inspire employees and create all-around functionality.Read More

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DesignPoint Designs for Millennials

Posted on November 4th, 2017 in Other

For decades the baby boomers have dominated generational conversations, and for good reasons. The baby boomers were the largest generation in American history and have owned the largest percentages of wealth and buying power in the U.S. Now things are changing and people are taking notice of the children of the baby boomers – the Millenials. Millenials now stand at a total of 87 million Americans and out number the 76 million baby boomers. Millenials are now working. Millenials are now spending. Millenials now have our attention (and they like that).

One business that has taken keen note is Hilton Hotels. They launched their thirteen hotel brand – the “Tru”. Tru takes aim at Millenials and the mid-scale market, the way their target customers like it. They have a modern web site and mobile app for room booking and management. Their “minimal yet meaningful” design speaks the language of Millenials and fits their budgets. Each Tru will be equipped with Activation Zones or open area common spaces that are promote hanging out, collaboration or chillaxing. Activation Zones offer the work – play – lounge – eat options and even a remake of the check-in desk, now called the Command Center.

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Making Retail Bank Branches Functional (and profitable)

Posted on November 2nd, 2017 in Commercial design

Banks across the country are looking to shed locations then repurpose remaining branches

Note: This article was created in October 2015  for a group of banking executives. It is now being shared on the DesignPoint blog as it continues to be relevant to banking and other industries that rely on brick and mortal locations.

From travel to retail, technology is upending every industry. Until recently banks have been insulated by their complex platforms and systems that have slowed the market penetration of entrepreneurial innovation. Those days are gone as consumers embrace mobile banking and e-commerce. Players, like PayPal and Square, who initially facilitated online transactions now have their sights set on business lending and join the ranks of OnDeck Capital, Inc., Intuit, Cabbage, and others competing to lend to small businesses. The Wall Street Journal reported in September 2015 that PayPal issues an average of more than $2 million in loans to U.S. small businesses each day (click to read article). It is no wonder that recent articles have appeared under headlines like “The retail bank branch is doomed and banks don’t even know it”, and “Hundreds of Bank of America branches are disappearing”. Deposits and commercial loans are not the only thing eluding financial institutions. Community banks are also struggling to originate residential home mortgages. For example, online lender Quicken Loans has surged to the #3 spot of the nation’s top residential mortgage lenders.

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Senior Living Green House ® Project

Posted on October 29th, 2017 in Testing

The Green House ® model is a new idea that has made a big impact on senior living. The founders of the model recognized that nursing homes were “aging faster than the people living inside them,” and desired to replace the institutional nursing home model with small intentional communities where elders and staff focus on living full and vibrant lives. Today there are over 200 Green House ® communities across the United States.

One of the newest Green House communities is Morris Hall Meadows at Lawrenceville. Morris Hall Meadows is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton and currently has 56 rehabilitation beds and 73 long-term care beds.Read More

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Medical Offices Designed to be Cohesive Yet Unique

Posted on October 27th, 2017 in Furniture

Five medical practices are linked together by a common design theme

In 2014, The Valley Hospital of Ridgewood, NJ purchased a 150,000 SF medical office building and decided the facility’s 24,000 SF third floor would be home to Valley Heart Group, Heart Care for Women, Hospital Heart Risk and Screening Program, Comprehensive Heart Care Imaging Services and a Respiratory Care Practice. Collectively, these five specialties created the Michael R. Luckow Heart Center, named after a man who passed away from a heart attack at the young age of 44. The Luckow Family Foundation gifted the hospital with $5 million to establish the Center in Michael’s name. Robert Luckow, Michael’s uncle said “This Center, named in memory of Michael, will ensure that our community has access to state-of-the art cardiac services in one convenient location.”Read More

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Interior Design Firm DesignPoint Retained for Two Senior Living Communities in Florida

Posted on October 20th, 2017 in Testing

Watermark Communities manages 40 upscale senior living communities across the United States. They strive to be industry innovators for healthy aging by offering comfortable living and encouraging residents to lead healthy, engaged lives through programs and services. Much of their success in attracting residents and keeping them happy is in their quality of facilities and interior spaces. To maintain competitiveness in the high-end senior living market a community must have a striking lobby, elegant dining room, luxurious common areas, functional and high-tech activity centers, spacious resident suites, and more.Read More

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Bethlehem Manufacturer Expands with Help From DesignPoint

Posted on October 20th, 2017 in Lighting

Tucked in the industrial park between Routes 512 and 191 is Piramal Critical Care, a manufacturer of anesthesia. Currently, their facility is over 25,000 SF including a state-of-art automated packaging line, stability chambers and a large warehouse. Functioning 24/7, the facility plays a major role in the sale and distribution of drugs to over 120 countries. Like many companies in the health care and pharmaceutical industries, Piramal has been growing. Since 2010, Piramal has invested over $10 million in their Bethlehem facilities, and they continue to grow with plans to lease another building at 268 Brodhead Road in Bethlehem. The new site will become the United States Headquarters for Piramal Critical Care.

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