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DesignPoint Designs for Millennials

Posted on November 4th, 2017 in Other

For decades the baby boomers have dominated generational conversations, and for good reasons. The baby boomers were the largest generation in American history and have owned the largest percentages of wealth and buying power in the U.S. Now things are changing and people are taking notice of the children of the baby boomers – the Millenials. Millenials now stand at a total of 87 million Americans and out number the 76 million baby boomers. Millenials are now working. Millenials are now spending. Millenials now have our attention (and they like that).

One business that has taken keen note is Hilton Hotels. They launched their thirteen hotel brand – the “Tru”. Tru takes aim at Millenials and the mid-scale market, the way their target customers like it. They have a modern web site and mobile app for room booking and management. Their “minimal yet meaningful” design speaks the language of Millenials and fits their budgets. Each Tru will be equipped with Activation Zones or open area common spaces that are promote hanging out, collaboration or chillaxing. Activation Zones offer the work – play – lounge – eat options and even a remake of the check-in desk, now called the Command Center.

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