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DesignPoint Designs for Millennials

Posted on November 4th, 2017 in Other

For decades the baby boomers have dominated generational conversations, and for good reasons. The baby boomers were the largest generation in American history and have owned the largest percentages of wealth and buying power in the U.S. Now things are changing and people are taking notice of the children of the baby boomers – the Millenials. Millenials now stand at a total of 87 million Americans and out number the 76 million baby boomers. Millenials are now working. Millenials are now spending. Millenials now have our attention (and they like that).

One business that has taken keen note is Hilton Hotels. They launched their thirteen hotel brand – the “Tru”. Tru takes aim at Millenials and the mid-scale market, the way their target customers like it. They have a modern web site and mobile app for room booking and management. Their “minimal yet meaningful” design speaks the language of Millenials and fits their budgets. Each Tru will be equipped with Activation Zones or open area common spaces that are promote hanging out, collaboration or chillaxing. Activation Zones offer the work – play – lounge – eat options and even a remake of the check-in desk, now called the Command Center.

Guest rooms are decorated with modern furnishings and are bright with windows, lighting and light colors. The bathrooms are equally light, airy and minimalistic. The building’s exterior is “spirited and sleek” and prop up the design intent of Tru to be “Fun and Fresh.”

By recreating the hotel experience through function design, Hilton has placed a large bet on an immense demographic. As of January 2016 reports indicated that there were 102 properties in agreement to become Tru flag bearers with an estimated 30 plus in the pipeline for the U.S..

Not to be outdone, many other hotels are launching Millenial geared properties, including Marriott. “The trademark of the boomer was that they wanted familiarity, safety, and comfort,” remarked Wolfgang Lindlbauer, chief discipline leader, global operations at Marriott International in a Fast Company June 2015 article. Yes, Millenials was unique, interesting and exciting.

Eagerly watching on the sidelines are others like developers, architects and interior designers. Bethlehem, PA’s DesignPoint interior design firm has done several Hilton properties and is well versed on Hilton brand standards. Moreover, for companies like Hilton that aim to appeal to Millenials through design, DesignPoint is well positioned to help businesses capitalize on the opportunity due to their approach to projects. “Designing for a demographic is no different than designing for any other set of users, whether in health care, corporate, senior living or residential design,” explains DesignPoint President Les McCoy. “In our initial discovery phase we look to understand the users and uses.”

DesignPoint has resident Millenials on staff that can also provide insight to the Gen Y approach to life. “It is always a collaborate effort between our clients and our team to understand what the client’s vision is and then guide then to understand where they want to be.”

If you are a looking to appeal to Millenials, whether they work in your office or you have products or services to sell them, then call DesignPoint to discuss your project.

DesignPoint is located in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and works extensively on both a regional and national levels. DesignPoint, Inc. is a full service Interior Design & Purchasing Firm with a focus on corporate, hospitality, senior living, medical offices and high-end residential interiors. When considering new interior construction or renovations, DesignPoint will provide complete interior architectural space planning, construction documents, and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) procurement services to make it a successful project. DesignPoint is located at 54 S. Commerce Way, Suite 110, Bethlehem, PA 18017, 610-807-9670 or online at info@designpoint-interiors.com.

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