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Molewski Financial Partners

This project is a design used as the main office of a newly-formed financial planning firm. The firm has a wealthy clientele; therefore the goal was to provide an upscale look for their new office. + Read More

The designer started with a clean palette, since the space to be constructed was in a newly-completed office building.  The firm’s previous office was done in a traditional style normally associated with a more conservative type of business.  The designer approached the client with the idea of using contemporary design elements with transitional furnishings that would appeal to a broad clientele.

After presenting the client with some sketches of the proposed space, he became excited with the possibilities; from that point the design took form. A big part of this design, as with any office, is the carpet style and pattern. The designer started with an idea which incorporated a circular design of perpetuity which signified the firm’s relationship with their clients. The carpets incorporated two different size circle designs which were used in spaces proportional to the scale of the carpet. The carpet colors of black and gray with a hint of gold were selected to give a calming influence to the overall office environment. Fortune Carpet was very accommodating in designing interesting carpets for us on a project that had a relatively small carpet quantity.

The combination of low-voltage lighting, sconces and stylish overhead fluorescent lighting sets a soft and comfortable tone to the office space.  Strict attention to detail and product selection by the design team produced a very rich and comfortable interior for this office.

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