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Serfass Construction

When the principals of SCI came to DPI, we knew this collaboration could be something special. SCI’s excitement and desire was to put all their experience into this building with innovative products and design. For the interior, it was simplicity with attention to fine detail that was DPI’s design challenge. We wanted to highlight SCI’s building skills for future clients. + Read More

The use of lighting and glass was the major design consideration. Minimal framing for glass walls was designed so all the anchors and supports were recessed in the floor and ceilings. DesignPoint provided detailing using special ceiling panels in the corridors to provide an uninterrupted look of ceiling tiles and light. All lighting fixtures were high grade specification level and located to provide the most efficient light source, but also dramatic effects. The high bay reception area was kept to minimum detailing to play off the contemporary theme of the space. Floor tiles in oversize patterns were selected with a matching grout for a monolithic effect. However, it was the lobby with the wave wall and company logo that was most important, to make a lasting first impression.

The private offices, with full glass walls, carry a sense of openness and attention to detail throughout the space. The office furniture was selected to provide a complement to the architecture and provide each of the principals with their own individual expression.

  • Floor Plan (with labels)