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Victory Firehouse

The firehouse was built in the early 1900’s. By the 1940’s it had become one of several at Bethlehem Steel Co. In 2007, a local entrepreneur bought the building with the idea of adapting it to a modern office building to house his new venture capital business. The 4,500 SF modern office center grew out of a dilapidated, abandoned building. + Read More

The concept: to blend history and industrial design, with a little of the unexpected. The open court conference center delivers just that. It is where new businesses can develop ideas on a basketball court setting and present
themselves to investors under a scoreboard timer. The community is encouraged to use the center as a theater, using the 30ft wall-to-wall white board and state-of-the-art audio visual system.

Inside the main vestibule, industrial design is embraced, from the exposed stairway to the corrugated steel elevator shaft. The second floor office space continues to blend the old with the new, with open office layouts and “creative rooms.” Office areas have large sliding barn doors to conceal whiteboards on exposed brick walls. Spiral stairs were incorporated that lead to the roof deck for a view of the city.

The designers were able to create an exciting environment to stimulate and encourage new business and community activities.

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